About us

Safety Design AS was established in 2010. We have significant experience in offshore technical safety and are specialists in firewater technology. We want to be on top of our field and considered a leading company within our line of work. As of 2014, we are an ERM Group company. ERM is the world’s leading sustainability consultancy (www.erm.com).

Safety Design AS provides tailor-made solutions according to client specifications, applicable rules and regulations, including relevant design codes for new builds, maintenance, modifications and upgrades.

Following engineers are involved with the company

  • Jørgen Pettersen – Senior specialist firewater and chairman of the board, MSc
  • Anders Knight – Vice-president technical safety, BSc
  • Kjell Hofstad – Electrical and automation, F&G, SIL, BSc
  • Johan Mikaelsson – Senior safety engineer, BSc
  • Agnar Joachim Bang – Specialist HSE, BSc
  • Dag Schaaf – Senior safety and utility process engineer
  • Axel Willemsen – Senior safety engineer, BSc
  • Mohammed Said Ali – Risk Assessment, MSc
  • Arild Pettersen – Ex platform manager on Statfjord, BSc
  • Rolf Kristiansen – Safety Engineer
  • Stacy Hanssen – Safety Engineer, BSc
  • Stian Telhaug Furu, Safety Engineer, BSc
  • Amir Beiky, Safety Engineer, MSc
  • Leif Jerstad, Safety Engineer, BSc
  • Erik Midjås, Safety Engineer, BSc


  • —To be the preferred supplier of technical safety services
  • —To be the most attractive employer for safety engineers
  • Solve fire technical challenges to customers satisfaction
  • A technically safe product
  • A fair price


  • We shall be known, accepted and favored by all customers who prioritize quality and safe technology
  • Make active fire protection an independent and recognized discipline under technical safety